Cloud Solutions: Consumer vs Business Solutions?

Confused about data storage? We can’t always assume that it is just going to work. Storage pricing alone can be complex, and you need to consider factors such as data storage per month and data operations such as updates, data egress and data transfers.

At Data Relish, we care about our customers’ data. We also care about our own data, and we have been looking carefully at the options available to us, and to our customers. 

Also, consumer-grade cloud storage solutions are subject to changes in pricing or storage limits, so we need to think carefully about reviewing our choices.


We also need to think about storage for data that does not fall under compliance rules. If this is the case, you’d probably be quite happy with one of the storage solutions available from companies outside Microsoft, Google or Amazon. 

To read more, head over to the Cloudberry site for a more detailed white paper on the topic. As we review our options on an ongoing basis, we look to use the best tools that can help us to flip between vendors where required. 

At Data Relish, we’ve been happy with the tools from Cloudberry and it was worth the small investment to save time – and data, of course!

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